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Long-term Care Service

Long-term Care Service

  1. Service Objective
    A. To construct a long-term care service network integrating the health and the social welfare systems in order to respond to aging society.
    B. To serve as the single-entrance of long-term care resources in Taipei City, and thus to provide cases with continuing and comprehensive care to enhance Long-term care service system.

  2. Service Target
    A. Residents whose household registries are established and actually live in Taipei City.
    B. Service Categories:
     a. Senior citizens over 65 years old with disabilities.
     b. Disabled citizens with physical and mental disabilities.
     c. Aboriginals aged 55-64 with disabilities.
     d. Citizens over 50 years old with dementia.
     e. Senior citizens living alone with IADL assistance.
     f. Feeble senior citizens with IADL disabilities.

  3. Service Contents
    A. Consulting service:
    To provide a hotline (886-27208889#5880), a specialty care manager to answer long-term care related questions such as healthcare, social welfare and auxiliary tool purchases and rent.
    B. Individual case visitation:
    Specialty care managers will be sent to individual case's home to do the assessment and understand the actual needs.
    C. To Set up a care plan:
    To provide an appropriate service such as home service, day care, and family care, in-home nursing, in-community and in-home rehabilitation, in-home barrier-free environmental improvement services, dietary services for senior citizen, respite care, transportation services, and long-term care institutes, to construct a long-term care service system step by step and provide the disabled and their families with appropriate support.
    D. Discharging planning:
    Patients should apply for long-term care service after emergency treatment as soon as possible to support home care capability and also to reduce the wait of receiving long-term care serivces.

  4. Service Location



Taipei City Long-term Care Management Center

No.1, City Hall Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

886-2720-8889 ext5880

Western District Service Station
Wanhua, Zhongzheng

10F., No.33, Sec. 2, Zhonghua Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Heping Branch, Taipei City Hospital)


Southern District Service Station
Songshan, Daan, Wenshan, Nangang, Neihu, Xinyi

5F., No.10, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Renai Branch, Taipei City Hospital)


Northern District Service Station
Beitou, Shilin

3F, No.2, Zhonghe St., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Central District Service Station
Datong, Zhongshan

6F., No.145, Zhengzhou Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Zhongxing Branch, Taipei City Hospital)


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