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  • Division for Disease Control and Prevention:
    Epidemic monitoring, business place hygiene management, acute and chronic communicable diseases control.

  • Food and Drug Division:
    License management, audit and seizure, offense management, industrial guidance, hygiene inspection, consumer protection.

  • Medical Affairs Division:
    Mental health, EMS, quality management, special care, medical affairs management.

  • Health Promotion Division:
    Health promotion, women and infant healthcare, children and adolescent healthcare, cancer prevention, adult and elderly healthcare.

  • Research and Planning Division:
    R&D, international cooperation, control and evaluation, integrated programs.

  • Administrative Services Office:
    Property, Document processing, general affairs, and cashier.

  • Laboratory:
    Public health, inspection and food inspections.

  • Systems Administration:
    Public health and medical information management

  • Accounting Office:
    Final account and general accounting.

  • Statistics Office:
    Vital statistics and administration statistics.

  • Personnel Office:
    Personnel affairs, administration and management.

  • Government Ethics Office:
    Prevention, investigation and discipline of corruptions, administration secret maintenance.

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  • Source: Department of Health, Taipei City Government