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The Annual 2010 Taipei Eye Guardian Angel Training Pledging Activity

In order to establish a correct vision healthcare concept in elementary school students when they are still young, the Department of Health of the Taipei City Government have organized the 2010 Annual Taipei Eye Guardian Angel Training Pledging activity to be held at Taipei Water Park from 9am till 1:30pm on Saturday 13th of November 2010, the activity is rich in content, including: Leading an EYE Love Energetic Eye Care Exercise, Eye Guardian Angel Badge Issuing and the Signing Ceremony, Vision Healthcare Article Competition Awards and Display of Winners, and Game Stalls, where beautiful yet practical gifts are given to those who win the game at the Game Stalls.
For details please contact 1999 ext. 1814, the Department of Health, Taipei City Government sincerely welcomes all children to register for participation at their enrolled schools!