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Department of Health


Let’s Wash Hands Together. Get Rid of Enterovirus

Since enterovirus season is coming, the Department of Health of Taipei City Government started activities for the disease control from February, including inspections and counseling for kindergartens on public places where children usually play, reminder for kindergartens to promote the importance of hand washing, regular environment disinfection, case reporting, stay vigilant, and implement other disease control works.

The Department of Health reminds parents to notice, once child show symptoms like fever, vomiting, herpangina, vesicles and papules on the hands, feet, and mouth, please let child rest at home and reduce chance to stay in public place. If there are signs of enterovirus infection with severe complications (extreme sleepiness, myoclonic jerks, continually vomiting, tachypnea, increase of heart beat), please go to hospitals responsible to enterovirus severe complications (9 hospitals in Taipei City: NTUH, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Tri-service General Hospital, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Cathy General Hospital, Shin Long Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Taipei City Hospital Heping Fuyou Branch, and Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital) or other hospitals, lest patients pass best time for treatments. For more information about Enterovirus prevention, please go to the Department of Health’s website (http://health.gov.taipei)(Chinese).