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Department of Health


2011 National Food Safety Conference

In order to restore people’s confidence in food safety and rebuild the image of MIT food industry, the Department of Health held a "2011 National Food Safety Conference" on June 21st and 22nd, 2011. Experts and professionals from the industry, the Government, and the academia have had a series of discussions to formulate reform strategies to strengthen food security in Taiwan. Professor Lucy Sun-Hwang, chairperson of the Conference, said the plasticizer contamination scandal had drawn much attention of the public and the international community, showing that there was much room for improvement in the current food and chemical management systems. To rebuild the consumer confidence in the government for food security, the Conference proposed three pragmatic directions for reference to the government departments, especially those related to health, economy, environmental protection, and examination. First, industrial upgrading 1. To set up a mandatory registration system for the food industry 2. To promote and establish autonomous management and certification systems in the private sector 3. To strengthen audit, continuing education, and industrial R & D capabilities 4. To assist in setting up the associations for food-additive manufacturers Second, policy coordination 1. To make complete the sources of law 2. To provide adequate human and financial resources 3. To timely reward good performers in the industry 4. To provide for administrative regulations governing the practices of food additives 5. To formulate and/or amend administrative regulations governing the classifications of food additives 6. To deliberate the certification systems for food audit and inspection technicians 7. To increase the audit and inspection capacity of the central and local governments 8. To strengthen the traceability and follow-up systems for food additives Third, social responsibility 1. Any enterprise should fulfill its responsibility to protect consumers. 2. Efforts must be made to reduce public panic. For more details regarding the three directions, please refer to the policy suggestions regarding the management of food additives and their manufacturers (see attachment) proposed by the participants in the Conference. Attachment: A Reform Program for Food Administration.doc Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare (formerly known as Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.(TAIWAN))