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Slim and Light BBQ on Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and of course, it is always an important family day. Beside the traditional way like eating moon cake and enjoy the moon with family and friends, BBQ has become one of the most popular activities for the Mid-Autumn Festival recently. However, before enjoy the food, there are a few things need to be noted first.

1. Less Seasoning: People always like to marinade the meat or put a lot of BBQ sauce when doing BBQ. However, marinade meat or BBQ sauce usually contains a high amount of sugar, sodium, or fat, which will make people to assimilate too much salt and bad for their health. It is suggested that people should not put anymore BBQ sauce on marinade meat, and for the meat that has not been marinade yet, no more than one brush of BBQ sauce should be put. In addition, BBQ can be diluted with water before use.

2. Less Processed Food: Items like bacon and sausage are processed food. Therefore, these food may contain a high amount of salt and fat, which should be avoided. When picking up food items, lean meat, skinless chicken, and seafood contain less fat, and food like bean curd or dried tofu can be used to replace meat. Any extra souse should be avoided, and fresh lemon juice can make food more delicious.

3. More fresh fruit and vegetable: Besides eating meat only, combining with vegetable can make BBQ healthier and even more delicious. For example, vegetable like green pepper, mushroom, water bamboos, or lettuce can be eaten or wrapped with meat for better cellulose and satiety.

A reminder from the Department of Health, Taipei City Government, when doing BBQ, must ensure the food is fully cooked, and the containers of raw food and cooked food should be separate to prevent from cross contamination. Finally, exercise should not be forgotten while eating all yummy food. When people eat more, they should exercise even more to stay in shape.