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Department of Health


Few seasonal influenza vaccines left, high risk groups should get vaccinated soon

The Department of Health of the Taipei City Government announced that about 2,000 influenza vaccines are received and distributed by the Centers for Disease Control, R.O.C. (Taiwan), and people can still get vaccinated at the out-of-Hospital Clinics of each branch of the Taipei City Hospital. In addition, Taipei City Government has about 8,000 pediatric influenza vaccines left. People who have not received influenza vaccine are recommended to get vaccinated against seasonal influenza early before the supply runs out. The Department of Health advised that citizens can contact the contracted medical institutions to check on the availability of vaccine supply prior to visiting the hospital.
According to the monitoring data from the Taiwan CDC, it shows that the influenza virus types match the virus types in 2010, which means the effectiveness of the vaccine is high. It is the peak flu season now and it takes 2 weeks to develop immunity against influenza after vaccination. The Department urges that unvaccinated citizens, who are high risk vaccination groups with chronic diseases such as cardiopulmonary, liver, kidney, immunological disorders, and pregnant women and infants, should take the chance to get vaccinated.
Although vaccination is one of the most effective way of influenza prevention, the Department of Health reminds people to be aware of influenza-like symptoms such as coughing, fever, sore muscle throughout the body and should consult any medical institutions as soon as possible. In order to prevent from flu virus spreading and cluster infection, citizens should enhance personal hygiene by more frequently cleaning hands, as well as note the courtesy when coughing and reduce the presence at the public places. In the event of infection of influenza, stay at home as far as possible, and wear a mask when going out to keep other people and your own health.
The Department of Health reminds people once again to bring along insurance card and identification documents when visiting the contracted medical institutions for vaccination in order to get vaccinated free of charge (registration fee and diagnose fee are still applied). Enrollment in national health insurance or holding of a permanent resident certificate is the requirement for foreigners to have the influenza vaccine at government expense. For more vaccination related information, please call the Citizen Hotline at 1999 or consult the disease prevention special line at 02-23753782.