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Prevention, Treatment, Regular Screening; Professional, Friendly, Zero AIDS

  World AIDS Day is held on the 1st December, Taipei Hospital Kunming Prevention and Control Center (KPCC) invited the musician Guo Hengqi to write a song for this year's World AIDS Day and hoping to remind the public concerned about their health and care for those infected through this song “Love, Equality”. With new prevention policies for emerging diseases are introduced and existing friendly and professional medical teams in Taipei city, Taiwan expects to end AIDS epidemic by 2030 that matches the estimation by UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS).

  According to the estimation by Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a possible slight short-term increase of the number of infected persons due to the newly introduced prevention and control measures such as saliva screening, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and 90-90-90, but it can effectively control the epidemic through the treatment for those who just found out they are infected. This prevents the general public from getting infected and those infected can be as healthy as normal people.

  Many people overlook the importance of early screening and early diagnosis, so that they fall into the risk of morbidity and even dying. Luckily, Taiwan’s medical quality is as good as developed countries, therefore, most of infected people can return to a healthy state with the same lifetime as normal people through early medication. The infected people can even not infectious when the virus is restrained by the medication in the blood. 90-90-90 is the current goal of UNAIDS which is hoping to achieve 90% of those infected aware their infection through screening, 90% of those infected is receiving medication treatment, and 90% of those received medication is not infectious as the virus is controlled.

  PrEP, regular screening, early medication are currently the best approaches to control AIDS epidemic. There are 10 designated AIDS hospitals with solid medical teams which are prepared to perform screening for those are not infected and provide most professional and friendly medical environment for those infected. Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year are coming soon, so to remind the public attention to safe sex. If there is any unsafe sex, please perform blood or saliva screening after the window period which is roughly 6 to 12 weeks.

  AIDS is no longer an uncontrollable disease. The virus can be controlled to an undetectable level through early screening and early medication. So it can be treated a chronic disease and also effectively prevent further infections. A special thanks to Guo Hengqi for allowing us to use the song “Love, Equality” as the theme song for AIDS prevention campaign. KPCC has made a promotional video which is available on the Internet. Please contact us through Facebook fan page “KPCC” or “KunMingSt100”(Chinese) if you have any question on AIDS. Or you can phone us through STD and AIDS dedicated number, 02-2370-3738. KPCC wishes you have a safe New Year holiday.