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Department of Health


Prospective epidemic prevention to eliminate the risk of dengue fever in Taipei Summer Universiade

  August is the peak dengue epidemic over the years in Taiwan. Strengthening immigration quarantine and independent health management of foreign tourists are the main focuses of prevention and control in order to prevent the foreign dengue virus to infect with local species of mosquitoes caused by the local epidemic.

  Shier-Chieg Huang, the Commissioner of Taipei City Government Department of Health, said that there is an increased risk of dengue fever from overseas based on the epidemic of dengue fever in Taipei City, and in response to the 2017 Summer Universiade from August 19 to 30, 2017. Strengthen prevention and control as follows:

  1. Announcing disease protection precautions of “eliminating breeding source to protect against dengue fever”: Asking general public to cooperate related disease protection precautions during the announcement period from May 8 to December 31, 2017.
  2. Disease protection precautions of surrounding areas of Universiade venues: Increase the scope and the checking frequency for venues and high-risk points to intensify the detection of dengue vector.
  3. Expansion of 26 community clinics for dengue fever screening check points: In addition to the original six major medical centers, five branches of Taipei City Hospital and 12 District Health Center, the community clinics synchronized configured with dengue fever screening equipment in order to early screening out the case and performing the relevant epidemic prevention measures.

  The most effective, cost-effective and most important way to prevent dengue fever is to develop a good habit of maintaining the cleanness of both indoor and outdoor areas of your house through “check, pour, clean, wash” of water containers. Eliminating breeding ground of mosquito vector is more effective than mosquito spray.