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Department of Health


Youth Health Care Clinic, Protect Youth’s Health

The youth period is an important transitional stage of our life. During this period, youths are undergoing rapid physical and mental changes, which made it especially important to develop healthy habits. Based on these factors, the Department of Health of Taipei City Government continues to pinpoint and promote various health issues that are related to the youths, such as sex education and prevention on sports injury. Furthermore, the Department also entrusts medical facilities in giving health care clinics to youths, so as to allow them to receive complete medical and health care services, and to increase their health care knowledge and cognition, which would eventually help develop their body and mind as a whole.

【Youth Health Care Clinic】

Hospital Clinic Division Service Time
Taipei Municipal Wan Fang Hospital Youth Sports Injury Special Clinic Rehabilitation Youth Sports Injury Prevention Every Monday Afternoon
Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital Youth Psychiatry Clinic Psychiatry Depression,
Behaviour disorder
Every Monday & Wednesday Afternoon
Every Tuesday Morning
Every Saturday Morning
Youth Health Care Clinic Family Medicine Physical,
Weight loss,
Sex education,
Smoking hazard,
Drug abuse
Every Tuesday Night
Every Thursday Afternoon
Service Helplines:
Citizen Hotline 1999 (Outside of Taipei City 02-27208889) ext. 1832
Taipei Municipal Wan Fang Hospital Youth Sports Injury Clinic Enquiry 02-29307930 ext. 1600/1619
Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital Youth Health Care Clinic Enquiry 02-28587151