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Department of Health


Government Reclaims: Every Channel Shall Stop Selling Any Contaminated Food Within Five Categories

Minister of the Department of Health (DOH), also as the Commander of the Cross-agency Emergency Management Group, Dr. Wen-Ta Chiu has reclaimed that all channels currently on the market shall immediately stop selling any food item within five categories that is possibly contaminated with the plasticizer. These food categories include sport drinks; fruit juice; tea drink; fruit jam/fruit nectar or jelly; and food in tablet, capsule or powder form. Not only the supermarkets, but also all the channels including schools, vending machines, grocery stores and internet channels shall halt sales. Minister Chiu said that the Ministry of Interior will prompt the Civil Affairs Administration System to execute all formal announcements made by the DOH to the local villages, townships, cities and counties all over the country. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education will direct all schools at all levels in the nation to stop selling any food item possibly contaminated with the plasticizer within the five categories. Regarding the suspicious 3rd factory producing DEHP tainted cloudy agent, Minister Chiu said that after investigation, the Panchiao District Prosecutors Office did search the third factory in addition to “Yu Shen” and “Bin Hang” and no illegal issues have been found in the aforementioned factory as of now. The Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan, Chun Chen called a meeting together with all the related departments on food security (cloudy agent contaminated with plasticizer) today (May 29th). A proposal to strictly forbid the illegal manufacturers to use toxic substances to replace the raw materials for the sake of windfall profits from reducing costs was concluded. The government is ready for the revision of “ACT GOVERNING FOOD SANITATION” DRAFT and will impose accumulative heavier penalties on unscrupulous companies to protect the food safety with more consolidated and stricter law. Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare (formerly known as Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.(TAIWAN))