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Department of Health


Enterovirus period incoming! Washing hand regularly and recognize enterovirus symptoms

The epidemic period for Enterovirus start from April and peak at June annually. The first case of Enteroviruses infection with severe complications happened in February 2015, known as the Coxasackievirus groups A. It usually starts with minor symptoms but can lead to severe complications. We would like to remind schools and preschools to circulate a notice on regular hand cleaning, enhance sterilization of the environment, teaching materials and toys. We would also like to remind parents to avoid letting their ill children attending classes in order to prevent virus spreading.

Enterovirus is a highly infectious virus; it can be spread among people easily especially during close contact or in public area. We would like to inform parents to pay close attention to their children, if they discover any of the following symptoms including continuous fever, vomiting, drowsiness, unconsciousness, convulsion, and rapid breathing and heartbeat, please proceed their children to the hospital immediately to avoid missing the prime time for treatment. More information regarding Enterovirus can be found in the Department of Health’s website at http://www.health.gov.tw (Chinese) or dial our hotline 2375-3782.