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Wash Hands Regularly, Wave Bye to Enterovirus

According to the Department of Health of Taipei City Government, at about April of every year begins the season of Enterovirus, it will reach its peak between the end of May and mid of June, and starts another wave when schools open in September. Based on the submitted data provided by the Sentinels of Centers for Disease Control, R.O.C. (Taiwan), since the beginning of 2011 until the 5th of May, there is no confirmed cases of Enterovirus infection with severe complications. Despite that, during the period of April 3rd to the 30th, there is a trend of increase in clinic visits due to Enterovirus. The Centers for Disease Control suggests that if children shows suspected symptoms of Enterovirus, such as fever, vomiting, herpes angina, small red rashes or blisters in areas of hand, foot and mouth, and etc, should seek for immediate medical help and allow them to stay home to rest, so as to avoid from worsening and spreading the virus to peers in school.
As the peak of the Enterovirus is around the corner, the Centers for Disease Control would like to remind the public that the fundamental to prevent infection from the Enterovirus are to wash hands with correct methods, and also maintain basic daily hygiene. Schools and childcare agencies should have control measures at all times, and must report immediately through the “School-base Surveillance System” if symptoms of Enterovirus were observed from children.
Prevention Methods from Enterovirus:
1. Wash hands regularly, develop healthy personal hygiene habits
2. Balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient rest to elevate immunity
3. Seek for immediate medical help when sick, and get plenty of rest at home
4. Maintain cleanliness and ventilation of living surroundings
5. Avoid crowded and poorly ventilated public places during epidemic period
6. Pregnant women, newborn babies, and infants should avoid to come in contact with suspected contagious patients
7. Breastfeed newborn babies could increase immunity
8. Regularly clean and disinfect toys, especially soft toys
9. Child caretakers should maintain personal hygiene with extra attention
10. Regular surrounding disinfection should use bleach of 500ppm concentration, disinfection of objects and surfaces from secretions or excretions should use bleach of 1000ppm concentration.
*Proposed Mixing Method (base on bleach with 5% concentration of sodium hypochlorite in retail):
0.1% (1000ppm) method: 200cc of bleach + 10 liters of water
0.05% (500ppm) method: 100cc of bleach + 10 liters of water