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Department of Health


14 imported cases of dengue fever, take extra precaution while traveling to South East Asia

Based on data collected by the Department of Health, Taipei City Government, from the beginning of 2011 until August 10, there have been 14 confirmed cases in Taipei City of dengue fever being contracted whilst overseas (Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar(Burma), Bangladesh). Up to August 10, 2011, the Center for Disease Control, Executive Yuan, has confirmed a cumulative total of 82 dengue fever cases, 17 indigenous cases and 65 imported cases, the 65 imported cases being contracted in South East Asia.The Department therefore urges the public to take serious precautions while traveling to these countries.
Due to global climate changes, the spread of dengue fever has been more extensive than expected, and in addition to that, it is the travelling season of the year. A lot of people take trips to South East Asia, and the public therefore should do their part to protect their own health by taking precautions such as wearing long sleeved light-colored clothing, hanging a mosquito net while sleeping, spraying insect repellent solution on uncovered bodies, etc… while travelling, so as to reduce the chance of contracting dengue fever or related diseases while abroad. On the other hand, to prevent overseas contracted cases from spreading locally, each household should do weekly checks on their surroundings to eliminate breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquitoes.
The Department urges the public to seek medical aid as soon as they have discovered the following symptoms: fever, sore limbs, headaches, retro-orbital pain, muscle cramps, bone-joint pain, red rashes, etc… after returning from travel, and inform the doctor of your overseas travel history. The public could also head for one of 12 district health centers for free blood tests. If there are any further doubts, don’t hesitate to dial the Epidemic Prevention Hotline 2375-3782 for more information.