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Department of Health


Medical Services Open During Chinese New Year

In order to provide our citizens with most updated information, The Department of Health enquired for the service availability of all the hospitals within the Taipei City during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday (from 18th to 23rd of February). Among the institutes we surveyed, 23 hospitals and all branches of Taipei City Hospitals’ Emergency departments will operate 24 hours during the 6 days, and 1 regional hospital only provides emergency service for a certain time-slot.
During the holiday, most hospitals will operate with different schedules to their normal ones. From 18th to 21st of February, most hospitals’ outpatient departments will not provide any service, with a few exceptions offering partial Outpatient services. In succession, services will resume from February 23. Citizen who seeks to receive medical services during the Chinese New Year should review the service availability to avoid delayed treatment. The 17 First Aid Responsibility Hospitals ’emergency service departments will be on standby to safeguard our citizens’ health.
Department of Health of Taipei City Government’s Emergency Operating Center (EOC) will be on 24-hour stand-by during the Chinese New Year holiday to better coordinate interhospital transfers, and offering guidance to First Aid Responsibility Hospitals on monitoring their hospital bed availability, which will ensure better coordination and cooperation among all the First Aid Responsibility Hospitals and medical providers outside the Taipei city.
For more information regarding service availability of the hospitals in Taipei City during the 2015 Chinese New Year, Please visit http:/www.health.gov.tw or dial 1999.