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Department of Health


Xinyi, Datong, Wenshan, Nangang, and Neihu districts in Taipei City were all officially designated as “International Safe Community” (with Neihu as a re-designation)

In order to build a safer living environment, Wenshan, Nangang, Datong, and Xinyi administrative districts of Taipei integrated resources from industries, government, academia, and the public within their area, working together to establish a platform for safe community promotion. After more than two years of operation and efforts, proactive improvements of unsafe points in the environment, and promoting various safety promotional projects, the districts mentioned above have each been designated by the WHOCCCSP as International Safe Community, officially becoming members of the International Safe Community Network. After Neihu and Zhongzheng districts became the world’s 94th and 146th International Safe Community in 2005 and 2008 respectively, it has been 5 years since Neihu’s designation, therefore this year in 2010 it applied to be re-designated and succeeded in doing so, displaying the forever continuance of the spirit of safe community. It is hoped that there will be much more support and participation by the public in the future.
The promotion of safe community in Taipei City is carried out with each administrative district as a separate unit. The Department of Health of the Taipei City Government commissioned the professional team lead by Secretary-General Lu Pai of the Taiwanese Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion Association to provide guidance to the districts. Based on the six main principles of safe community, and the special features of each district as well as the characteristics of accidental injury in that community, a platform for cross-field collaboration between the government and the public was established. Through the strength of the public and the integration of related resources, various safety promotion projects were promoted, such as Home Safety, Road Safety, Consumer & Work Place Safety, and Intentional Injury Prevention. Content of the projects include checking of unsafe sites and improvement of the environment, as well as the creation of safety literacy and culture in citizens.
The death rate of accidental injury in recent years has a general downward trend in Taipei City. In 2002, 19.49 people died of accidental injuries per 100 thousand of the population, which gradually decreased to 14.42 in 2009. In the top ten causes of death in Taipei city, accidental injury’s ranking has dropped throughout the years, in 2002, it was ranked the 5th highest cause of death which dropped to 10th in 2009, it can thus be seen that the attention and resources invested towards the issues regarding injury prevention and safety promotion has paid off. Apart from this, the core value of a safe community is to maintain a continuous pursuit for a more secure life and safer environment, not to boast zero injuries. Through the participation of the community and collaboration between departments, Xinyi, Zhongzheng, Datong, Wenshan, Nangang, and Neihu district safe communities, hope for more input from the public to build a more safe, and wonderful living environment together.
Note: Up till the end of 2010, Taiwan has a total of 18 communities already designated as a safe community, these were: Fengbin Township of Hualien County (No. 91), Dongshi Township of Taichung County (No. 92), Alishan Township, Chiayi County (No. 93), Neihu District of Taipei City (No. 94), Zhongzheng District of Taipei City (No. 146), Shoufeng Township of Hualien County (No. 147), Shigang Township of Taichung County (No. 148), Zuoying District of Kaohsiung City (No. 173), Xingang Township of Chiayi County (No. 174), Heping Township of Taichung County (No. 175), Dongshan Township of Yilan County (No. 176), Jinhua community of Tainan City (No. 215), Su’ao Township of Yilan County (No. 216), Toucheng Township of Yilan County (No. 217), Wenshan District of Taipei City (No. 218), Nangang District of Taipei City (No. 219), Datong District of Taipei City (No. 220), and Xinyi District of Taipei City (No. 221).