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6 Years of Continuous Eye Care Services Taipei City: Distance of School Kids and Bad Eyesight

The proportion of Taiwan’s primary school students that are short sighted is the second highest in the world. Problems of short sightedness among the school kids has worsen as the wide spread of 3C products grows. “High levels” of myopia is a serious issue that should not be neglected!
In order to save the school kids’ vision problems, the Department of Health of Taipei City Government and Department of Education had established a short sightedness prevention network with cross discipline involvement of communities, schools, medical facilities and others since 2013. By 2019, there are 156 contracted ophthalmology hospitals and clinics providing eye vision examinations once a year for primary school children ranging from first to sixth graders, assisting the parents and school kids in maintaining a habit for regular check-ups to gain timely updates of the eyesight.
Furthermore, health education for those at high risk of severe myopia, as well as the promotion of "Vision Health New Life Movement, strengthens the school kids’ and parents’ understanding in vision care through versatility in lifestyle health education. These help to put the correct preventive measures into school kids’ daily living habits. According to the 2017 Health Promotion Administration "Vision Monitoring Survey for Children and Teenagers", compared to the sixth grade students with myopia across the nation (70.6%), the number of sixth graders with myopia (63.7%) from the first group of students from Taipei City primary schools was much lower, indicating that Taipei City has come to a victorious outcome!