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WHO To assist countries to promote healthy cities, proposed 20 steps to develop a healthy city program, divided into (a) the beginning period, (b) the organization of and (c) actions of three stages:

Seven steps for getting started :

  1. build a local support group

  2. understand Healthy Cities ideas

  3. get to know your city

  4. find financial support

  5. decide organizational location

  6. prepare a project proposal

  7. obtain project approval

Seven steps for getting organized :

  1. appoint a project steering committee

  2. analyse the project environment

  3. define project work

  4. set up a project office

  5. plan long-term strategy

  6. build project capacity

  7. establish accountability mechanisms

Six steps for taking action : 

  1. increase health awareness

  2. advocate strategic planning

  3. mobilize intersectoral action

  4. encourage community participation

  5. promote innovation

  6. secure healthy public policy