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NO.TitlePublish Date
12016 World Diabetes Day Carnival cum Photography Competition2016-10-07
2Maternal and Child Health Lecture for New Immigrants 20152015-06-18
3Taipei New Immigrant Support Organization Course – Baby Mommy Healthy Pressure Release Lulala2015-04-16
4A tango with your health! Taipei City launches a new weight control program.2015-03-18
52014 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities2014-08-15
6The theme of ‘2013 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities‘2013-10-11
7"Walk for Memory- 2013 International Memory Walk"2013-06-05
82012 World Diabetes Day – New Life with Diabetes Conference2012-12-17
9Breast Milk Delivery—Sending Love to More Babies2012-11-21
102012 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities2012-09-12
11New Horizons for English Services in Taiwan2012-06-26
122011 Conference on Healthy and Age-Friendly Cities2011-09-02
13Bureau of National Health Insurance--Management Measures for Out-of-Pocket Payments by NHI2011-09-02
14Newborns May Access NHI Medical Services with Parents’ NHI IC Cards up to 60 Days after Birth2011-09-02
15Health statistics of Taiwan non-communicable disease surveillance are now public accessible2011-04-27
16Q&A for Further Amendment of the Second-Generation NHI2011-04-27
17"Healthy Weight Loss 101, Happy Taipei Number One" Prize Drawing2011-04-01
18The Annual 2010 Taipei Eye Guardian Angel Training Pledging Activity2010-10-11
192010 Taipei International Symposium on Community Safety and Health in conjunction with ANMC21 Conference on Combating Infectious Diseases2010-10-06
202010 Taipei Healthy City & Asian Male Health Symposium2010-07-28