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  1. Service Objectives
    A. To construct a long-term care service network integrated with the health and the social welfare systems in order to respond to the aging society.
    B. To serve as the single-entrance of long-term care resources in Taipei City, with regards to provide citizens with continuous and comprehensive care while improving the long-term care service system.



  2. Service Targets
    A. Residents whose household registries are established and actually live in Taipei City.
    B. Service Categories:
    a. Senior citizens aged over 65 years old with disabilities.
    b. Citizens with physical and mental disabilities.
    c. Aboriginals aged 55 and above with disabilities.
    d. Citizens aged over 50s living with dementia.
    e. Senior citizens living alone requiring IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) assistance.
    f. Frail elderly.



  3. Service Contents
    A. Advisory Services:
    Specialty care managers answer inquiries and information about long-term care services, such as health care, social welfare, disability equipment/aids, etc.
    B. Individual home visits:
    Specialty care managers will be sent to citizen’s home to do the disability assessment and clarify their actual needs.
    C. To set up a long-term care plan:
    To provide the person-centered  services such as house chore services,  daycare, in-home nursing, in-community and in-home rehabilitation, in-home barrier-free environmental improvement services, dietary services, respite care, transportation services, and long-term care institutes for citizens and their family carers. All of which is to construct a long-term care service system step by step and provide the disabled citizens and their families with appropriate support.
    D. Discharge planning:
    Patients should access to the long-term care services after finishing their acute treatment in the hospital as soon as possible. The discharge planning will be helpful to support home care capability and also to reduce the time waiting  for the long-term care services .

  4. Service Location


Taipei City Long-term Care Management Center
Add: No.233, Jinzhou St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel. +886-1966
  Fax. +886-2537-6533


      5. 2019 Special deduction declare for long-term care

Qualifications and required documents for individual income tax:
A. Foreign care worker employer: Photocopy of 2019 effective hiring permit.
B. Long-term care plan 2.0 user: Photocopy of 2019 payment receipt for long-term care service.
C. Long-term care institutes user: Photocopy of 2019 Payment Receipt for stay in a legal long-term care institutes more than 90 days.
D. Family caregiver who is qualified to hire foreign care worker after assessment: Photocopy of Diagnosis Certificate of Illness and Disability (acquired before 1st. Jun 2020).
E. Specific physical and mental disabilities severe level (severe or profound disability) which is qualified to hire foreign care worker: Photocopy of 2019 Disability identification or certification
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