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1. Introduction
Suicide prevention has been an important public health issue worldwide; However, suicidal behavior is influenced by a variety of causes. Therefore, the City Mayor ordered to set up a cross-department suicide prevention center by combining resources from 12 City Government Departments (Department of Health, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Education, Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Labor, Department of Cultural Affairs, Department of Information and Tourism, Department of Personnel, Taipei Municipal Secured Small Loans Service and Construction Management Office) and private sectors to provide high suicide risk people with integrated service as well as to proceed environmental prevention work and advocation on prevention education for all the people. Taipei City Government Suicide Prevention Center not only conducts overall incorporative strategic planning and researches but also authorizes each department to be involved in an event together while carrying out the plans on its own.

2. Subject of Service
A. People or people with family members who have thoughts of suicide or self-harm.
B. People or people with family members who have intentions of suicide or self-harm.
C. People with potential danger for suicide or self-harm. D. Family members of suicide victims).
E. Psychological health workers.
F. Important people of from workers of different fields (including doorkeepers and media workers).
G. Employees of the different government bureaus.
H. Normal citizens.

3. Service Categories
Integrate and process the cases of people with high potential for suicide.

4.Case Source
A. Online cases from the Public Health Bureau’s “Online Citizen Information System – Suicide Prevention System”.
B. Cases from different bureaus, communities or civil organizations.

5. Service Standards
A. Emergency procedures enacted when dealing with cases which involve danger of suicide or self conflict.
B. Cases that need the help of cross-departmental recourses.
C. Repeat suicide cases.