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1Taipei City Shared its Experience with HIV Prevention and Control as One of the Six Attending East Asian Cities in Fast-Track Cities2023-11-23
2New Announcement by Taipei City Government—Smoking is prohibited on the “Surrounding Sidewalks of 臺北市私立貝兒托嬰中心(No. 158, Jili St., Beitou Dist., Taipei City)” effective October 1, 20232023-10-23
3Taipei City Government Announces New Smoking Ban on Sidewalks Surrounding Yanping Elementary School and Soochow University, Effective August 30, 2023, and September 1, 2023, Respectively2023-09-01
4Dengue Fever Advisory: Check and clear containers of any pooled water and clean thoroughly. Seek medical attention for any indicative symptoms2023-08-05
5Peace of mind while enjoying chilled desserts in the heat of summer. The Department of Health, Taipei City Government announces the result of ethylene oxide detection2023-07-24
6By taking measures to ward off mosquitoes, dengue fever can be avoided on any trip2023-06-30
7New Announcement by Taipei City Government—Smoking is prohibited on the “Surrounding Sidewalks of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Mucha Campus” effective May 1, 20232023-05-01
8The amended Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act will go into effect starting March 22, 2023 (excluding certain Articles)2023-04-01
9Careful Measures Are Required to Avoid Contracting Mpox2023-03-14
10Taipei City Maintains the On-going COVID-19 Prevention Efforts as the In-door Mask Mandate Relaxes2023-02-20
11New Announcement by Taipei City Government — No Smoking on the Arcade of Dadaocheng Visitor Center Starting January 1, 20232023-01-01
12The Department of Health, Taipei City Government Announces Random Tangyuan Inspection Results for the 2022 Winter Solstice2022-12-22
13Coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, excess phlegm: beware of COPD. Protect your lungs and health, find a professional to quit smoking!2022-11-30
14Announcement — "English-Friendly Medical Institutions in Taipei City"2022-11-29
15The Department of Health, Taipei City Government, Announces Winners of 2022 Food Safety Smile Certification for Night Markets2022-10-27
16Does Your Child Still Have High Fever After COVID-19 Recovery? Be alert to multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).2022-08-18
172022 Taipei Healthy City Forum The Co-creation of a Healthy and Resilient New Life is Up to Us at the Community Level2022-07-04
18Continue to Strengthen Suicide Prevention Work in the City to Reduce the Suicide Mortality Rate2022-06-30
19New Announcement by Taipei City Government — No Smoking on the 4 Outdoor Spaces of Hua Xing li, Wenshan District Starting May 31, 20222022-05-31
20The Official Launch of Taipei Municipal Novel and Emerging Nicotine and Tobacco Products Self-Government Ordinance2022-04-01