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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei City Government Has Listed the National Taipei University Bo-Ai Campus, the Affiliated High School of National ChengChi University, the surrounding sidewalks of the staff dormitory of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology as Smoke-Free Starting from August 1, 20202020-08-24
2Taipei City Government Has Listed 6 Outdoor Venues as Smoke-Free Starting from July 1, 20202020-07-27
3NGOs Donate Zongzi to Medical Workers at Taipei City Hospital2020-06-17
4Taipei City Government Has Listed 2 Outdoor Venues as Smoke-Free Starting from May 1, 20202020-05-19
5The Care and Support Center of Taipei reminds individuals subject to a 14-day period of home quarantine/isolatation to follow the regulations and protect everyone’s health2020-04-27
6Mayor, Medical Experts Ensure Integrity of Taipei’s Medical Care System in Response to the Outbreak2020-03-23
7Taipei City Government Has Listed 3 Outdoor Venues as Smoke-Free Starting from February 1, 20202020-03-19
8New Announcement from the Taipei City Government: Effective January 1, 2020, Smoking Is Prohibited in Taipei MRT Linear Park, between Exit R1 of Zhongshan Metro Mall and MRT Zhongyi Station2020-01-30
9Taipei City Came First in Autonomy over Life for Advance Care Planning2020-01-13
10First Stage State Financed Vaccination Starting from November 15: Elementary School to High School Students Receive Vaccination at School According to Schedule; Medical Personnel Receive Vaccination at the Designated Location2019-12-20
11Except Smoking Area, Smoking Is Prohibited in the Outdoor Area of Shilin District Office Property: Effective on October 1st, 20192019-10-23
12As of September 1, 2019, smoking has been prohibited under the overhangs of storefronts of 5 chain convenience stores and 10 chain coffee shops in Taipei City2019-10-23
13Beitou Health Management Hospital becomes the Second Muslim-friendly Hospital in Taipei2019-08-27
14Don’t Be Afraid of Needles - Vaccination Offers a New Healthy Life at Elementary Schools2019-08-02
156 Years of Continuous Eye Care Services Taipei City: Distance of School Kids and Bad Eyesight2019-07-04
16The Enterovirus Has Entered an Epidemic Period; Close Monitoring in Place for the Next Four Weeks2019-05-28
17Taipei City Added Announcement: Tai Yuan Guang Chang and the Surrounding Sidewalks of University of Taipei – Tian-Mu Campus Will Be Designated as 100% Smoke-Free Zones Beginning April 1, 20192019-04-29
18Taipei works with TAH to boost the number of Muslim-friendly hospitals2019-04-22
19Smoking Is Prohibited in the Outdoor Area and on the Sidewalks Around Zhongshan Land Office: Effective on March 1st, 20192019-03-21
20Non-Smoking Zone will be Expanded to the Immediate Areas outside the Taipei City Hall and its Surroundings: Effective on February 1, 20192019-03-04