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Department of Health


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Seasonal Influenza Vaccination is Available on October 15th until its used up2018-09-13
2Congratulations! Good news from seniors in Taipei! “2018 Active seniors – Grandpa and Grandma are so energetic” contest results in northern Taiwan announced 2018-08-23
3You’ve got it. Your eyes do! Eye Care + Hiking Passport in Taipei City protects your eyes and empower your legs. 2018-07-30
4Chickenpox outbreak – parents and school staff are advised to take precautions to prevent cluster outbreaks of the disease in elementary school children, chickenpox’s #1 most susceptible population2018-06-25
5Dengue fever is now in the epidemic stage – improve environment sanitation, employ mosquito preventing measures when travelling abroad, and actively provide travel history when seeking medical attention upon fever after traveling abroad 2018-05-17
6Clean environment prevents rats2018-04-27
7Taipei food safety is a blessing; regular meals and afternoon teas are all included! 11 food safety policies of Taipei city you must know2018-03-30
8Getting Ready for Influenza Outbreak, Department of Health, Taipei City Government Takes Advance Action With 8 Major Medical Centers2018-02-14
9Secure your “heart’s” health on “cold” days2018-01-18
10Citizens should take the initiative to see the doctors to reduce the risk of community transmission of Dengue Fever2017-12-22
11Quality "Heartfelt Life" for the Elderly, Join Hands to "Stop, Watch, & Listen"2017-12-19
12Embrace youth, Embrace health Young people should not smoke cigarette and e-cigarette2017-10-26
13Taipei City Simple Petition System:「HELLO TAIPEI」2017-09-27
14Taipei City Government announced smoking is prohibited for sidewalks around National Taiwan University, College of Social Sciences from September 1st, 2017.2017-09-22
15Summer is here! 3 Tips to Prevent Heat Illness2017-08-14
16Taipei City Government announced smoking is prohibited for sidewalks around Tamkang University, Taipei Campus from July 1st, 2017.2017-07-24
17Avoiding infectious disease by strengthening disease prevention after flooding2017-06-28
18Prospective epidemic prevention to eliminate the risk of dengue fever in Taipei Summer Universiade2017-05-18
19Rotavirus vaccine subsidy for children starting from April 5, 20172017-04-19
20Taipei City Government announced smoking is prohibited around the ground floor of the surrounding areas of Guang Hua Digital Plaza except dedicated smoking areas from March 1, 20172017-03-17