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NO.TitlePublish Date
1The Official Launch of Taipei Municipal Novel and Emerging Nicotine and Tobacco Products Self-Government Ordinance2022-04-01
2Taipei Municipal Novel and Emerging Nicotine and Tobacco Products Self-Government Ordinance to promulgate and implement in late March 20222022-03-14
35 Exercises to Prevent Cancer and Roar like a Tiger in 20222022-02-07
4New Announcement by Taipei City — No Smoking outside of Designated Smoking Areas around Taipei Main Station Starting January 1, 20222022-01-01
5From December 24th, 2nd and 3rd vaccine doses may be mixed. Those with low immunity should book their boosters at the hospital/clinic where they received their 1st dose. 2021-12-24
6Easy-to-Read Manual for Medicines2021-12-23
7Lawfully Residing Foreigners Eligible to Register for COVID-19 Vaccination2021-11-17
8Announcement — "English-Friendly Pharmacy in Taipei City"2021-10-05
9New Announcement by Taipei City — No Smoking on the Arcade and Outdoor Spaces of Huang Hsiang Zhongshan Building(皇翔中山大樓) Starting October 1, 20212021-10-01
10New Announcement by Taipei City — No Smoking on the Surrounding Sidewalks of National Taiwan Normal University, Gongguan Campus Starting September 15, 20212021-09-15
11New Announcement by Taipei City — No Smoking in Outdoor Spaces of the Government Building at Yishou St., Wenshan Dist. and Surrounding Sidewalks, and Surrounding Sidewalks of Takming University of Science and Technology Starting August 1, 20212021-08-01
12Aged 75+ Foreigners in Taipei City Vaccination Information2021-06-22
13The Department of Health, Taipei City Government announces Six new policies for food safety in 20212021-04-09
14Taipei City announces the following areas as designated no-smoking areas starting from April 1 of 2021: “Liugongjun Green Belt” and “Outdoor Areas and Peripheral Pedestrian Paths of the Second Male Dormitory and Third Female Dormitory of the National Taiwan University” 2021-04-01
15Use drugs correctly for peace of mind and to stay heathy and safe all year2021-03-02
16Large-Scale Movement of People for the Upcoming Spring Festival Precautions Should be Taken to Prevent the Spread of Flu and COVID-19 Children and Elderly People Should be Vaccinated Against Flu2021-01-26
17Combining Health Care and Social Care: Returning to the Needs of Patients Physician Mayor Ko Wen-Je: We Take Care of People in the Community2020-12-22
18Taipei City’s post-pandemic Intelligent New Ecology, Healthy New Era forum held:Molding a new look for intelligent health to face post-pandemic changes2020-12-02
19Finding Compassion, Offering Care: the Third Taipei City International Compassionate Community Day2020-11-02
20Old Place, New Appeal: Rebuilding Taipei City’s Traditional Markets. Food Safety Guidance Achieves Results, GHP Further Upgraded2020-09-28