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Geographical Conditions

Taipei City locates at the north of Taiwan Island, including the northeastern area of Taipei basin and neighboring hilly areas. the around border with the New Taipei City, the north and east borders with hilly area and the Keelung river valley, contiguous to Tamshui, Sanchih, Jinshan, Wanli, Shihting, Shenkeng districts of New Taipei City; in the south and west borders, with Danshui River and its tributaries Xindian Creek and Chingmei River contiguous to Xindian, Zhonghe, Yonghe, Banqiao, Sanchong and Luchou, Wugu. the north end is the south peak of Bamboo Volcano, which is the border of Beitou between Sanchih and Jinshan; the east end is the border of Nangang District between Xizhi and Shihting; the south end is the border of Wenshan between Xindian; the west end is the Guandu Pass between Beitou and Wugu. the north-south length is 27.655 kilometers and the east-west width is 20.754 kilometers.


The total length of the city around is 216 kilometers, and its area reaching 271.7997 square kilometers. the geography of Taipei City can be mainly divided into 3 forms: Taipei basin in southwest area, Tatun Volcano Group in north area and the thrust mountain fault in south area. Taipei basin formed by fault and collapsing and current landform formed by alluviation of Danshui River and its tributaries, Taipei City locates in the northeast area. the bottom of the basin is flat with low altitude, roughly lowering from the southeast to northwest, with Danshui River, Xindian Creek and Keelung River running on it, among these, Keelung river with the largest flow and most significant changes.



The locations of the center and 4 ends of Taipei city are:



Center: Neihu District Xikang Vli. (East longitude121˚ 33' 20" Northern latitude25˚ 05' 14")


East: Nangang District Jiuzhuang Vli. (East longitude121˚ 39' 30" Northern latitude25˚ 01' 51")

West: Beitou District Guandu Vli. (East longitude121˚ 27' 10" Northern latitude25˚ 06' 59")

South: Wenshan District Zhinan Vli. (East longitude121˚ 35' 22" Northern latitude24˚ 57' 42")

North: Beitou District Hushan Vli. (East longitude121˚ 33' 04" Northern latitude25˚ 12' 46")