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Taipei Health City indicators in 2019
Working group  International indicators local indicators
Safety and Security  group
  • A1- Suicide rate/100,000 persons 

  • SH1- Student drug abuse counseling rate

  • SH2- Criminal case clearance rate

  • SH3- Deaths by fire per 100,000 persons

  • SH4- Home fire alarm installation rate

  • SH5- Deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents per 100,000 persons

  • SAH6- Deaths and injuries of elders caused by traffic accidents per 100,000 persons

  • SH7- The number of DUI cases reduced

  • SH8-Rate of high-risk domestic violence cases being re-registered for monitoring (Adult cases & Child and teenager cases)

  • SH9- Workplace deaths and serious injuries rate

  • SH10- Workplace deaths and serious injuries rate

  • SH11- Collection rate of the contact information of residents in disaster-prone areas

  • SH12- Case visit and counseling service rate of the drug abuse prevention center

  • SAH13- The number of people receiving subsidy for simple home repairs

  • SAH14- The growth rate of the number of emergency support systems installed for elderly living alone

  • SAH15- Suicide rate per 100,000 elderly 

Sustainable Ecology group
  • C1- Air pollution

  1. Annual average concentration of PM 2.5

  2. The proportion of days with good air quality

  • C2- Drinking water quality (Failure rate of tap water)

  • C3- The proportion of population enjoying wastewater treatment

  • C4- Recycling rate

  • C5- Incineration rate of household combustible waste

  • C6- Green space area per 100,000 persons 

  • C7- The length of bike lanes per 100,000 persons (WCCD)

  • AH1- The proportion of public toilets above excellent level

  • H2- Reservoir water source eutrophication index

  • H3- Annual increase of capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment

  • H4- River sections where biochemical oxygen demand meet the water body classification reference value

  • H5- Annual achievement rates of TNVR projects for stray dogs and TCCP for stray cats

  • H6- Increased area of permeable paving m2

  • H7- Riverside ecological hotspot monitoring frequency

Friendly Culture group
  • D1- Decrease rate of homeless people

  • D2- Childcare service supply rate

  1. Institutional (Registered Nursery Center) and at-home childcare service provided per year

  2. Institutional childcare service provided per year

  • D3- The number of foreign caretakers receiving skills training

  • H1- The number of people visiting the Discovery Center of Taipei  

  • AH2- The participation rate of elder volunteers

  • AH3- Life-long learning participants (including intergenerational education)

  • H4- The number of participants to arts and cultural events throughout the year

  • H5- Participants of the improvement of multicultural and international learning environment  

  • AH6- The number of culture sharing lectures provided by elder indigenous people

  • H7- The number of visitors to museums in Taipei

Vitality and Health group
  • A1- Standardized mortality rate: all causes of death (presenting the data of the previous year)

  • A2- Standardized mortality rate: Top 10 causes of death (presenting the data of the previous year)  

  • B1-Immunization coverage rate: The rate of children under three years of age receiving all routine vaccines

  • B2- The number of practicing physicians at hospitals and medical institutions

  • C1- The number of users of sports and leisure facility

  • AH1- The growth rate of the elderly participating in health promotion activities

  • H2- The proportion of people exercising regularly

  • H3- The proportion of businesses that passed the catering sanitary graded evaluation

  • H4- The proportion of students who passed the physical fitness checkup

  • H5-The completion rate of food source management platform

  • AH6- Government-funded flu vaccination rate

  • H7- Cancer screening coverage

  • AH8- Long-term care coverage
Prosperity and Convenience group
  • C1- Mileage of lightweight public transportation per 100,000 persons

  • C2- Public transport trips per capita per year

  • D1- Unemployment rate

  • D2- Middle-aged and elderly employment matching rate

  • H1- Parking demand/supply

  • AH2- The number of public bike users

  • H3- Renewal area ratio of physical sidewalks

  • H4- Average passenger volume of metro stations in Taipei

  • H5- The number of smart ecological community

  • AH6- Overall satisfaction rate of Taipei Joint Bus System

  • SAH7- The number of wheelchair accessible taxis

  • SAH8- The number of low-floor buses  

  • H9- The number of public housing units

  • H10- The number of markets undergoing relocation and improvement