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Taipei City was upgraded to a national municipality in 1967. However, the organizational framework of the Department of Health, Taipei City Government (hereafter, referred to as "the Department") and its subordinate medical care institutions followed primarily that of the Taipei City Health Bureau when it was placed directly under the leadership of the Taiwan Provincial Government and stayed relatively unchanged for 30 years.


In light of the need to keep up with international trends in health and medical care developments, as well as the need to be in sync with the restructuring of our national health organization, and to realize our goals of making Taipei into a healthy city at the global level, action was taken in 2003 and 2004 to review and reform the Department's organizational structure and its subordinate medical care institutions. This was done with a goal to establish unified responsibility-sharing mechanisms that clearly defined and helped manage each department's authorities and responsibilities, which will allow existing manpower to upgrade their overall service efficiency.


The Department was reorganized from seven sections and eight offices to five divisions and seven offices. Ten medical care institutions were integrated into the formation of the Taipei City Hospital, and the 12 district health stations were restructured into 12 district health centers. The restructuring plan was reviewed and approved by the 9th City Council at its 8th meeting of the 10th interim meeting on July 7, 2004 under Fu-Fa-3 Order No. 09312728300, set to be made effective on January 1, 2005.


The organizational structure and framework of the Department was released by the Taipei City Government in the Fu-Fa-Tsung Order No. 10632045700 on June 29, 2017, and shall be effective starting from July 1, 2017. The Department has reorganized into 9 divisions and 6 offices.



Department of Health

  • General Planning Division
  • Disease Control Division
  • Food and Drug Division
  • Medical Affairs Division
  • Health Promotion Division
  • Long-Term Care Division
  • Mental Health Division
  • Public Health Inspection Division
  • Laboratory Division
  • Systems Administration Office
  • Administrative Service Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Statistics Office
  • Personnel Office
  • Government Ethics Office

Taipei City Hospital

  • Zhongxing Branch
  • Renai Branch
  • Heping Fuyou Branch
  • Zhongxiao Branch
  • Yangming Branch
  • Songde Branch
  • Linsen Chinese Medicine and Kunming Branch
  • Kunming Prevention and Control Center

Commissioned Hospitals

  • Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (Managed by Taipei Medical University)
  • Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital (Managed by Taipei Veterans General Hospital)

District Health Centers

  • Songshan District
  • Xinyi District
  • Daan District
  • Zhongshan District
  • Zhongzheng District
  • Datong District
  • Wanhua District
  • Wenshan District
  • Nangang District
  • Neihu District
  • Shilin District
  • Beitou District