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“Smoke-free Taipei”4-week free quit-smoking medication program begins

Taiwanese sitcom actor, Lee, Luo registered in the 2010 Quit & Win Contest and became the first to participate in the “Quit Smoking, Smoke-free Taipei”, a 4-week free quit-smoking medication program.
The Department of Health and John Tung Foundation join forces for the “Quit Smoking, Smoke-free Taipei” program to help those who are willing to quit smoking. All you need is the National Health Insurance Card and $50 registration fee. The first 1,000 residents who visit the quit smoking clinics at 8 branches of the Taipei City Hospital (Zhongxiao, Ren'ai, Heping, Women and Children's branch, Zhongxing, Yangming, Linsen and Songde) for medical advice and follow doctors’order will enjoy medication that is not covered by health insurance at no extra charge. This program commenced on April 7 with limited places available.