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2014 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities

Host: Department of Health, Taipei City Government
This year, the “2014 Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities” will be held under the theme of “Ageing-Friendly Healthcare”, where we will have the opportunity to hear experts sharing their experiences in promoting ageing-friendly healthcare around the globe. The sub-topics of the main theme includes “Traditional Chinese medicine for elders”, “Ageing-friendly city”, “Ageing-friendly environment”, “Ageing-friendly service”, and “Menopause health”, accompanied by keynote speeches and posters exhibition.
This conference shows more than 50 posters from governments sectors, medical organizations or institutes, which present their efforts on tobacco hazard control, obesity prevention, chronic diseases management, ageing-friendly healthcare, eco-awareness promotion, etc.
The conference will establish the best platform for professionals in and outside Taiwan to share their views with each other, and also will present Taipei City’s efforts to promote healthy cities and safe communities in Taipei City.
Event Audience: General public and representatives from health or medicine related organizations
Event Location: Taipei International Convention Center, Room 201ABC
Event Date: the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2014
Contact information: +886-2-8751-3588, tchcsc2014@gmail.com