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The theme of ‘2013 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities‘

Host: Department of Health, Taipei City Government
Event: The theme of ‘2013 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities’ is base on the theme of ‘Healthcare through Modern Technology’ and plan four related sub-theme: ‘Technology and Healthcare Services’, ‘Technology and Medical Services’, ‘Technology and Disease Prevention’ and ‘Technology and Food Safety’. We have invited experts and scholars, other related county and city governments’ department to share their experience on using ‘Design’ and ‘Technology’ to reform City’ strategy, effectiveness and implementation, and explore the direction and feasible plan to promote healthy cities and safe community. There will be ‘ Cloud service experence’ and ‘ Result poster exhibition’ on the conference.
Event Audience: Health and Medical related organisations and citizens
Event Location: International Convention Center , 11th floor of the Chang Yung-fa Foundation Building
Event Date: From October 31 to Novenmber 01, 2013 (Online Registration from now until October 15, Availiability is limited)
Contact Number: 02-8751-3588 (Ext. 206) Miss Huang
Event Website: http://www.tchcsc2013.org/en/index.asp (The page has expired due to the end of the event.)