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(1) Program Nets

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, and international economic and cultural exchanges have been frequent, community groups and organs of popular participation enthusiastically, in keeping with World Health Organization International Health urban development trends, and actively create the 21st century, "National Health" (Health for All) ideal trend, the Taipei city Government will actively promote the health of urban policy, it is desirable to establish sustainable cities' vitality and health "vision development of healthy, vibrant, safe, happy, caring, convenient, clean, conservation, technology, comfort , culture, welfare, friendly, mutual aid, and rich quality and efficiency characteristics of the city. Through assessment of the demand, the establishment of healthy public policy, public participation and support of a wide range of community agencies and organizations in partnership with public and private sector sense of innovation, to create a healthy city.

Health is the state of peace better physical, mental and social, due to changes in lifestyle, chronic diseases and aging has become an important issue in Taipei affect public health, in order to strengthen community participation in Taipei, for the Healthy City Partner Seminar, Invite community agencies and organizations, experts and scholars, media representatives and forge a consensus on the proposed development of healthy cities of Taipei, priority issues, challenges and policy objectives put forward suggestions. Through participatory assessment and partners, jointly selected seven major health issues, including the provision of healthy food culture, the construction of the stress-free environment, convenient construction of the visible and invisible web, Construction Comfort sports environment, construction of health in the workplace environment, Construction Construction of ecological city where love and warmth of the city of caring communities. Is a commitment to promote the health of the city and cooperation with publishing Taipei Healthy City Charter, signed on behalf of invited partners to strengthen community consciousness and action, and to promote the common public health and reduce health inequalities between Taipei community, to create a stable and sustainable development of healthy cities. And health through international seminar was held in the city, inviting international city to promote the sharing of experience and strengthen the exchange of international experts in Healthy Cities, Healthy Cities to construct an international network. Healthy Cities Project release, Taipei Healthy City Charter and setting up a healthy city site is a start, we continue to cooperate with the future of innovation, to enhance the sustained implementation of public health mission, to build Taipei into a vibrant healthy international standards world-class capital.

(2) The mayor of the Declaration

Taipei is Taiwan's capital city capital, but also political and economic center, with frequent international exchanges in the diet, architecture, language, and ethnic and cultural lives of the people, emerged diversified development Taipei. To comply with World Health Organization Healthy Cities trends, and actively create the 21st century, "National Health" (Health for All) trend, Taipei continue to promote healthy urban policies, has developed a healthy dynamic, safe, friendly culture, ecology and sustainable prosperity convenient wisdom science and technology city.

Taipei set 2002 as "the first year of a healthy city" began to promote healthy cities, since 2004 through organizing international seminars and round-table forum leaders, promote international exchanges and city diplomacy; and in 2006 with a top-down urban governance , bottom-roots communities and strengthening public participation and to promote the establishment of zoning as a demonstration Daan District, successfully joined the "Western Pacific Alliance for healthy cities" (AFHC; the Alliance for healthy cities), and international exchange and sharing of promoting healthy city experience; completion in 2010 year to promote the city's 12 districts successfully joined the relevant international network of urban health or safety. In response to the WHO age-friendly urban policies, combined with Taipei in 2011 to promote the industry, government and the public school "age-friendly cities program" and the integration of health and safety issues such as age-friendly in 2016, together towards a livable and sustainable cities vision.

Healthy Cities Project in advance through the public needs assessment, elaboration healthy public policy as a reference, through public participation and community groups to support, combining resources and innovative awareness of the public and private sectors, construction of sound urban planning. Promote the healthy city requires industry, government, academia, civil cooperation in various fields and jointly review the needs and problems, "health", "environment", "social" and other three-oriented, effective integration of resources across sectors and communities, elaboration innovative strategies, and create health and safety become Taipei, friendly and high-quality living environment.


I promise to follow the following principles, in conjunction with the Taipei City Government, Taipei City Health Promotion Association and other government agencies and organizations to work together to achieve these goals, including:

  1. with the whole community to work together to reach a World Health Organization (WHO) "of universal health" policies and objectives.
  2. emphasis on sound Taipei communities of the people, stimulate and promote the healthy urban mobility.
  3. encouraging local community empowerment, self-determination and self-help.
  4. strengthen cultural development and marketing of local features and highlights Taipei.
  5. reduce social inequalities in health, to establish a secure environment of the community, we are committed to improving public health standards.
  6. ensure sustainable urban development, environmental protection, people's quality of living, into a livable and sustainable cities.

We continue to support proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy Cities project, fully engaged in order to achieve Taipei "Sustainable Urban Development" vision.