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Health Care Information for New Immigrants

In order to provide new immigrants information such as how to obtain health care, prenatal checkup, and children's eugenic care, there will be health care inquiries located at the 12 Taipei City Health Centers to provide health care information with English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai language translation service. For service details, please contact 12 Taipei City Health Centers; more health care information for new immigrants, please refer to Department of Health, Taipei City Government's official website.


Time Table of Health Care Inquiries for New Immigrants
District Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Songshan afternoon   Vietnamese   Thai*  
Xinyi morning   Vietnamese Indonesian*    
Zhongshan morning   Vietnamese   Vietnamese*  
Zhongzhen morning   Vietnamese      
afternoon   Indonesian*      
Datong afternoon Thai**
Wanhua morning English**        
afternoon   Vietnamese      
Wenshan afternoon   Indonesian* Vietnamese*    
Nangang afternoon   Vietnamese Indonesian*    
Neihu afternoon Vietnamese     Thai  
Shilin afternoon   English* Vietnamese    
Beitou morning   Indonesian*      
afternoon       Vietnamese at Taipei City Hospital System Beitou Clinic  
*service provided every 2 weeks
**occasional service provided. please review 12 Health Centers' schedule
Service provided weekly for those without * mark, please contact our 12 health centers in advance to confirm service availability.