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New Immigrant Healthcare Services

I.Infant and genetic healthcare reimbursement

1.Taipei City Government "Have a Care-free Pregnancy Program" pregnancy reimbursement initiative

A.“Pre-marriage Health Screening” reimbursement: $1,595 for women/ $655 for men

B.“Down's Syndrome Screening for Pregnant Women” reimbursement: (either one)

Early Down's Syndrome Screening: New immigrant women who are pregnant for 9-13 weeks are eligible for $2,200 (reimbursement for health examinations)

Interim Down's Syndrome Screening: New immigrant women who are pregnant for 14-20 weeks are eligible for $ 1,000 (reimbursement for health examinations)

2.Pre-birth genetic health examinations reimbursement: A pre-birth genetic health examinations reimbursement of NT$5,000.

3.“New immigrants health examination reimbursement before establishing household register” 10 times.

4.Group B streptococcal infection screening for woman who are pregnant for 35 – 38 weeks, $500 for each case.

II. Public health translationservices in new immigrant health counseling stations, 12 district health centers

III. Support groups for new immigrants

IV. Visits or phone calls for new immigrants newlyweds and families with newborns

V. Multilingual public health information

VI. New immigrant healthcare website (http://www.health.gov.tw)(Chinese)

Various channels to promote children health screening and using web pages to promote health screening (including Chinese/ Vietnamese, Chinese/ Indonesia, and Chinese/ Thai) .