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Taipei City Lutheran, Datong, Wenshan, Nangang and Neihu are officially certified as "International Safe Communities" (Neihu District is re-certified)

To create a more secure living environment, Taipei City, Wenshan, Nangang, Datong and Lutheran 4 administrative area integration within the area of industry and academia resources, the establishment of a safe community to promote the platform, together to promote safe communities, after more than 2 years Investment and management, and actively explore and improve the insecurity in the environment, promote the safety promotion program, and through the World Health Organization Community Safety Promotion Center (WHOCCCSP) international safety community certification, a formal international security community network . In 2005 and 2008, the Neihu and Chungseong districts became the 94th and 146th international safe communities in the world. The Neihu district has been certified for the past 5 years and has been successfully re-certified in this year (2010). The spirit of sustainable building, the future expectations of more public support and participation.

The promotion of Taipei's safe community is organized by the Taipei Municipal Government Health Bureau, which is entrusted by the Taiwan Society for Accidental Injury Prevention and Security Promotion Association Bai Lu, the Secretary-General to accompany the professional guidance team to accompany the community, according to the six safety community standards, Community-based and community-based accidental injury characteristics, the government and non-governmental cross-sectoral cooperation platform is established to promote various safety promotion programs (such as traffic safety, home security, field safety, recreational sports safety , Intentional injury prevention, etc.), the program includes insecurity checkpoint and environmental improvement, and the establishment of public safety literacy and culture.

The accidental injury mortality rate in Taipei City has been declining in recent years, from 19.49 deaths per 100,000 population in 2002 to 14.42 in 2009, and the number of casualties in Taipei's top 10 causes Ranking from year to year back in 2002, fifth, to 2009 has been retired to the first 10, showing that the accident prevention and safety promotion issues and resource investment has been the effect of attention. In addition, the core values of the safe community are the pursuit of a safer living and environment. It is not a sign of "zero injury", community involvement and cross-sectoral cooperation in Lutheran, Kiang Chung, Datong, Wenshan, Nangang and Neihu. Multi-community public input, together to create a safer, better living environment.

【Notes】 By the end of 2010, 18 communities in Taiwan had passed the certification of the International Safe Communities: Fengbin Township, Hualien County (No. 91), Dongshi Town, Taichung County (No. 92), Alishan County, Chiayi County (No. 147), Taichung County Shigang Township (No. 148), Kaohsiung Township (No. 93), Taipei City No. 93, Taipei City Chungbuk District No. 146, No. 175, Taishan County, No. 175, Dongshan County, No. 175, Dongshan County, No. 175, Yibin County, (No. 217), Taipei City (No. 218), Taipei's Nangang District (No. 219), Taipei City's Datong District (No. 220), and Taipei City Faith area (No. 221).


By the end of 2010, 18 communities in Taiwan had passed the certification of the International Safe Communities


Beitou District of the city to promote the results of maternal and child friendly, access to Healthy Cities Alliance 2010 "partnership creative achievement award."


The Alliance for Healthy Cities, which aims to promote healthy urban exchanges in the Western Pacific Region, held its 4th Annual General Meeting in Seoul, South Korea, from 26 to 29 October, with "Ubiquitous Healthy Cities - The theme of the conference was "ICT for Healthy Cities", with more than 500 participants from 14 cities participating in the biennial Healthy City Event.

Taipei City has also led a delegation to participate in the poster display and oral presentation, and actively share with the international city to promote healthy urban and safe community experience, the city Beitou District is committed to promoting maternal and child friendly in the community to establish a perfect breastfeeding environment and women The public space to obtain the results of the relevant information, but also access to the Alliance 2010 "partnership creative achievement award."

partnership creative achievement award.


Taipei ranks among the world's healthiest cities
Taipei City, Matsuyama, Zhongshan and Wanhua successfully join the Western Pacific "Healthy Cities Alliance"


Taipei's Healthy City is well-established! Taipei, Matsuyama, Zhongshan, and Wanhua successfully joined the Alliance for Healthy Cities, an international organization in the Western Pacific Region in February 1999. Following the success of the Alliance for Healthy Cities in 2006 and 2007, Daewon and Shihlin, Then, to create a healthy city to promote the success of experience to show the city of Taipei can not be ignored health image and competitiveness.

In response to the expectations of the community, and to share the results of Matsuyama, Zhongshan and Wanhua District to promote healthy cities, on October 22, 1999 at 2:30 pm "Taipei Matsuyama, Zhongshan, Wanhua District to join the WHO Healthy Cities Alliance Press Conference and Outcome Presentation ", which combines the health, epidemic and artistic beauty of the West Pacific to showcase the motives and achievements of creating a healthy environment in the three districts, including industry, academia and public health practitioners. People share the glory, share this glory.

Taipei ranks among the world's healthiest cities

Healthy Cities Alliance


A number of achievements in the city were sponsored by the Taiwan Healthy City Alliance, "2010 Second Health City Award Award" of the "Innovation Award."


A number of achievements in the promotion of friendly space, environmental improvement, creative industries, urban safety, arts and leisure, community participation, information technology, etc. in Taipei City have been honored by the Taiwan Healthy Cities Alliance for the 2010 2nd Healthy Cities Award. Award ", covering the construction of maternal and child friendly feeding environment - Taipei City public places breast feeding autonomy Ordinance, the construction of a safe community platform, Taipei City good health easy blood pressure -, three" investment "six" prepared "community" first " , The love of the driver to accompany out-of-service program - incapacitated elderly stealth convenience boots, art roots, the city of culture, to see the friendly campus - bright school fences and other items of the rich results, and city exchanges and sharing The Connotation of Healthy City and Safe Community.

2010 Second Health City Award Award of the Innovation Award


Celebrate the New Year's Day Flag Raising and Jogging Campaign for the Republic of China in 1999


To promote the campaign and promote the public health card policy, on January 1, 1999, at the Citizen's Square, the "Celebrating the New Year's Day Flag-cum-Jogging Campaign in 1999" was set up to promote public health promotion booths. Health card processing and point service, a total of 3,000 people attended.

Celebrate the New Year's Day Flag Raising and Jogging Campaign for the Republic of China in 1999