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Alliance for Healthy Cities China Hong Kong branch visit the mountain walking trails and village Yoho Taipei

Alliance for Healthy Cities China Hong Kong Branch Ng Sze-fuk President, Vice-President Ms Scarlett Pong 4 people and the Taiwan Alliance for Healthy Cities Guo Xianwen the Secretary-General, the Deputy Secretary-General Chen Ruiju row a total of six people, in 103 years September 14 visit in the mountain walking trails, field experience Taipei Expo Park calorie sports park set in terms of labeling, as well as the interaction of health facilities in Taiwan's first silver-haired wisdom living museum ─ "Taipei Yoho village", and the presentation and personally introduced by the Taipei City Government, Taipei City health Bureau Director Lin Qihong create a healthy environment in the current situation, as well as ideas, shaping, gave birth to ideas and actions Taipei Yoho village are so honored guests in Taipei for concrete action to promote healthy cities have a more profound understanding and respected village Yoho diversified operations Information, Hong Kong worth reference, I hope other groups Recommend future visit.