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Taipei City a total of 17 awards won in 2013 "Healthy Cities Award for Excellence (city-group)" and "Innovative Achievement Award" highest in Taiwan.

Following last year get p Taipei Healthy City Excellence Award winning, Taipei create a healthy age-friendly cities and urban re-transmission success! Taipei City Government Offices Department cum-related non-governmental organizations participated in the National Health Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Committee by the Taiwan Alliance for Healthy Cities to host "2013 5th Taiwan Healthy Cities cum age-friendly city award," Award, won 17 awards (detailed schedule) , is the biggest winner of this award-winning, winning several counties ranking first.

get this "Healthy Cities Award of Excellence" city-group health Matsuyama city began in 2007 to promote the Healthy Cities, Healthy Eating promote internal street, floats patrol operations in service, Matsuyama Botti heart experience low carbon micro tourism plan, single elderly care and other services; externally actively with domestic and foreign community / city exchange, through the visit, apply or participate in seminars, publish results, with foreign standards, interactive, successfully joined the "Alliance for healthy cities in 2010 . " In the "home Broadwood Matsuyama City" title, full of deep vitality from the community, condensed into a healthy urban mobility Matsuyama, creating strength Acclaimed winner can say deserved.

In addition, Taipei City also received 13 innovation award winning poster and three outcomes. Health Bureau designated to promote outdoor smoking, radioactive contamination of buildings public health care, and the promotion of health management cloud, Urban Development Bureau and the Bureau of Social Affairs to create peace of mind, safety and well-being of residential, Transit for Seniors thoughtful measures, and Water UNRWA Riverside offers bicycle rental innovative services, Social Affairs and Datong District Office actively develop and use human volunteers Evergreen results, Beitou District health service's first taste of the old drivers and bus activities set AED, Datong District health services let Ningxia Night center industry promotion and health points, Wanhua District health service promoting healthy living elders learn music, each outcome are highly valued award.

The award was November 26, 2013 in Hsinchu were awards. Taipei 17 1765 Also winning second prize 103 town hall meetings offer on January 7, Buda winning the good news, the mayor at the meeting Hao Congratulations to the winning units, more Qimian municipal team actively involved in city exchange, let Taipei many characteristics can be further shared with other counties.