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Taipei City was awarded the "Healthy Cities Award of Excellence" award from a total of 11 healthy cities and have age-friendly city trophy

Taipei today to get Block 3 "Healthy Cities Award of Excellence" award, is the second after 101 years and 102 years is eligible for Healthy Cities Award of Excellence, in the mountains of this year and then to Taipei Health Service "Health in Yoho Zhongshan" theme, smooth awarded healthy cities Award for Excellence (city-class) award-winning. Taipei in innovation awards, also won 10 awards, namely "Healthy Cities Group" count four and six "age-friendly city groups' count, the award-winning units Health Bureau cum-owned institutions, the city Bureau of Social Affairs, Public Works New Bureau of the Agency, and the promotion of civil society associations and Matsuyama Wan Tcm health Promotion Association and other five units, was awarded a total of 11 trophies. Health Management Division Linmeng Hui Director of the Taipei City Government Health Bureau said that in the 97 years since the mountain began to promote the city to create a healthy, active and linked to community resources and set up a "Zhongshan Health Promotion Association," in 99 years the International Alliance for Healthy Cities joined the West Pacific, after four years of hard work and to promote age-friendly city in 101 years, was awarded this year's city-group "healthy cities Award of Excellence," certainly thank the Taiwan Alliance for healthy cities, and all sectors of industry, government and the public to learn the selfless dedication. Four local characteristics of the area "balance of nature", "health and vitality", "social justice (welfare safety)" and "healthy workplace (industrial culture)", but public opinion in mind to set public health policy, including the degree this year one of the features planned "~ Mother Teresa modern house Medical Alliance visits August Rush," the health care directly and quickly extended to the single elderly community, the practice of "healthy Yoho - Zhongshan in" the vision. Taipei to get age-friendly characteristics awards certainly impressive, and today by the Ministry of Health and Welfare issued five "age-friendly Features Award" in Taipei gained the three, is the biggest winner of the award. Winners (a), "the silver-haired seniors dog training (dog physician) Delight" elderly dementia care program outcomes (Wenshan District, Taipei City Health Service), and Taiwan animal assisted therapy professional associations for development cooperation auxiliary handle animals (dogs physician) series of activities for the elderly and the interaction between animals, stimulating emotional expression, training hand-eye coordination and balance, which replace the rigid rehabilitation plan; (ii) U‧Life Datong ~ "the silver-haired Yoho Datong Broadwood!" (Taipei Datong District health service) Highlights of Features for the city's first "space Yoho Datong care" to provide public health promotion experience and cloud health information management, including community aged care system - physical fitness test and evaluation services, cloud body sense rehabilitation system, silver-haired resources service system, to create age-friendly health service centers; (c) "Chongyang elderly Events: Friendly restaurant certification mark action plan" (Taipei City Government Bureau of Social Affairs), combined with the Taiwan Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology Smart life , Corp. alliance with the Republic of China disabled Foundation for rare disorders Foundation of disabled groups jointly elaboration of "friendly restaurant standards for investigations," in line with "nuclear Siping simple self-check" (door flat, stable chairs, smooth walkways, service equality) basis of the conditions of a friendly restaurant, awarded "good and friendly restaurant Taipei certification mark." In the advent of an aging society welcome trend, Taipei successfully build age-friendly environment and provide health care for the elderly, the elderly promote social participation. Age-friendly cities in the six group winners, except for the three age-friendly characteristics prize, the other three include (d) old pro Award: South "walking" ing, seniors Broadwood music movement (Nangang District Health Service Centre ); (v) affect Award: Taipei sidewalk update project - multifunctional sidewalk (New works UNRWA); (vi) health prize: five heart level to create a healthy living Yao, respecting old pro happiness Matsuyama (Songshan health service Center, Matsuyama health Promotion Association) and a total of six awards, outstanding achievements and look forward to the future even better. Department of Health and National Health department also awarded the "Innovative Achievement Award" award, count four healthy city groups, comprising (a) Health Policy Award: Love in Taipei - "sex" safe and healthy "love" (Health Authority); (ii ) healthy living Award: eating in good health, staff meals and then evolution (health Department); (iii) healthy living Award: healthy i move food in thin waist (Daan District health service); (iv) health industry Award: Yau live plus gnat larvae, reproducing new elegance ~ ~ South Park neighborhood Wan EAST activation program (ten thousand Tcm Promotion Association). Taipei Healthy Cities cum age-friendly city-related message, the Taipei City Government Health Bureau website (http://health.gov.taipei/) or visit the website of Taipei Healthy City (http://healthycity.taipei/) information about healthy city.