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 the 3rd Healthy City Award 2011

Community Health and Safety Workshops Successfully Share City's Healthy City Experience

In order to strengthen the application skills and ideas of community health and safety promotion, the government public welfare training center will be responsible for the 100-year Community Health and Safety Workshops, inviting Professor Hu Shuzhen from National Cheng Kung University Healthy city monitoring, evaluation and sustainable management, as well as the city's "health within the lake cancer community to four cancer screening network", "Shihlin District diabetes support groups to create", "Nangang District Walking Sports Group Alliance" , And "Building a Maternal and Child Friendly Community in Beitou District". A total of 66 people participated.

A number of achievements such as creating a friendly city, information technology, healthy environment, arts and leisure, urban safety, and health promotion policies were awarded the "Innovation Award" of the 3rd Healthy City Award 2011

The Taipei City Healthy Cities Alliance organized the "2011" Symposium on the Promotion of Health Care in Taiwan, the Early Care Network, the Bicycle Road Network, the Planning and Development of Taipei MRT Leisure, the Occupational Safety Network and the Public Health Care Services. And the "Healthy City Award for the Third Annual Healthy City Award", the "Innovative Achievement Award" for friendly space, information technology, healthy environment, arts and leisure, and urban safety and health promotion policies. These achievements fully demonstrate the cooperation and efforts of the public and private sectors in Taipei City to implement the spirit of "public participation" in the concept of a healthy city. Awards and honors are the common achievements of Taipei citizens.

2011 Taipei Health City Symposium Successfully Completed!

The Taipei City Government organized a 6-day 2011 Healthy City Week in Taipei from 13 to 18 November 2011 to enrich the city's community action and achievements, and on November 14 and 15, 2011 Taipei Health City Seminar ", so that the domestic health city practitioners to learn from international experience, and to promote international exchanges.

The theme of "Global Challenges and New Horizons for Healthy Cities in the 21st Century", which was co-organized by 22 speakers from Australia, Austria, Hong Kong and other countries, , "Building a Healthy Living Environment", "Building a Healthy Supporting Environment", "Developing a City's Emergency Response System", "Building a Safe Life", and "Promoting Healthy Behavior", and successfully communicating and sharing each other. The experience and strategy. At the same time, the posters of the city and cities such as Xinbei City, Miaoli County, Nantou County and Chiayi City will be displayed to promote the healthy cities.

A total of 345 participants from home and abroad participated in the two-day symposium. Participating countries including Hong Kong, Austria, Australia, Indonesia, Republic of Mongolia and other countries showed that the topic of building a healthy city has become the focus of attention at home and abroad.

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