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Taipei food safety is a blessing; regular meals and afternoon teas are all included! 11 food safety policies of Taipei city you must know

The Department of Health, Taipei City Government revealed 11 new “Taipei city food safety self-governance articles” of 2018! It covers the consumers’ regular meals and afternoon teas, and 9 industries including breakfast stores, coffee shops, buffets, and starred hotels often hosting weddings and holiday celebrations. The policy focuses on: (1) starting in March, 2018, businesses that provide western cold dishes, sushi, salads, and desserts need to inform beforehand, and starred hotels need to have routine inspections on the expiry date of the food; (2) starting in June, food court business in shopping malls need to publish their sterilization methods; and (3) starting in August, hotpot chain businesses must perform self-inspections on the heat-resistance and melamine dissolution limit of their utensils. Full protection for Taipei city food safety!
Director Shier-Chieg Huang of the Department of Health, Taipei City Government explains that during Taipei food safety week in March 2017, the new food safety policy was announced and it promised to reveal new policies every March to allow food business time to react. The new policies would all be well communicated before the announcement. Eleven new policies were announced during Taipei food safety week this year. The Department of Health invited businesses to attend the policy orientation in February. The department hopes businesses can have good sanitation self-management, self-inspections, and food labels through the Taipei city food safety self-governance articles. This will let the public feel that the government and businesses are cooperating to create a “safe eating-out environment”.

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Taipei city food safety self-governance articles