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Department of Health


"Drug" not shop online for a safer and better health

As the times change along with consumer behavior, online shopping become more popular through Facebook and social apps. Although, shopping online might be convenient but there are hidden risks such as unclear labelled products from unknown sources. In particular, drugs are not general merchandise, foreign drugs are not marked in Chinese and without government checks, the public unauthorized use may cause unexpected affects. Moreover, selling drugs online is violating the law of Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

The Department of Health, Taipei City Government reminds citizens to purchase drugs through legal pharmacy or drug dealers and also ensure the information such as permit license number, name and address of the manufacturer, date of manufacture, period of validity, shelf-life and etc. in order to maintain their own health and consumer rights. Drugs that are purchased online, without the ability to validate the product source and its quality, it is highly likely to have serious adverse reactions without the physician, pharmacists and other professionals given medication advice. Also, the domestic drug injury relief is not available for drugs purchased online. Citizens should be avoided in buying unknown drugs online to protect their own interests and drug safety.