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Department of Health


Summer is here! 3 Tips to Prevent Heat Illness

Hot weather hits Taipei City recently and Central Weather Bureau predicts the temperature could reach 36 degrees Celsius this week in Taipei City which will break the hottest record this year. Department of Health, Taipei City Government suggests three tips to prevent heat illness, namely, “Stay Cool”, “Stay Hydrated”, and “Stay Alert” for community elderly who live alone, elderly, and cardiovascular disease patients. It is essential to be alerted to room temperature and weather forecast by Weather Bureau to avoid outdoor activities between 10am to 2pm and arrange activity for early morning or late afternoon.
How to deal when there is heat illness sign appeared?
Dr. Lianghao Hsu from Taipei City Hospital, Zhongxiao Branch, Division of Family Medicine said the common heat illness signs are increased in body temperature, hot, flushed, dry skin, rapid heart rate, headache, dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramp. It will require immediate attention to quickly leave the high temperature environment and try to reduce body temperature (loose clothing, wipe the body with water or fan), stay hydrated (add a little salt of cold water or diluted electrolyte drink) and resting should alleviate the discomfort. Severe symptoms such as unconscious and coma should seek medical attention as soon as possible.