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Citizens should take the initiative to see the doctors to reduce the risk of community transmission of Dengue Fever

As of November 13, 2017, there have been a total of 58 cases of Dengue Fever in Taipei City, with all of which are imported from foreign lands and with the most cases around the nation. The origin of the infection is mostly the Southeastern countries, with the 12 highest cases from Malaysia, followed by 8 cases from the Philippines and Vietnam. A further study in Taipei city has found that some infected subjects travelled to the infectious regions before returning to Taiwan and showing symptoms including fever, fatigue, headache, muscle ache, joint ache and rear orbital ache. They failed to pay attention to symptoms or take over-the counter medicine without seeking medical treatment, and hide the symptoms over 3 days or even delayed reporting it for as long as 9 days.
According to the analysis on the number of medical treatment prior to confirmed Dengue Fever cases during 2017 in Taipei city, there were 29 cases (50%) reported upon entry at the airport to the nation, 20 cases (34.5%) reported at the first visit to the medical facilities, 8 cases (13.8%) reported at the second visit to the medical facilities, and 1 case (1.7%) at the third visit to the medical facilities, revealing the fact that there were still 15.5% of the cases that were not reported in time. The director of the Division of Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health, Taipei City Government, Chen Shao-Ching said that the imported infection could trigger local Dengue fever, putting citizen’s health and community quarantine at risk. Therefore, upon showing any symptoms of fever, headache, rear orbital ache, muscle ache, joint ache, nausea or rash during or after travelling, the subject take the initiative to see the physicians and provide all travelling details and history. For the hospitals and clinics, all travelling history should be included in the clinical inquiries as standard procedure so as to enhance early diagnosis and treatment and reduce community transmission and risks.
For quarantine inquiries, please contact the quarantine line of the Department of Health, Taipei City Government for special services. 


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Please ensure to wear light long-sleeve shirt and pants while travelling outside and use mosquito repellent to avoid being stung by the vector mosquitoes.