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Department of Health


Taipei City Added Announcement: Tai Yuan Guang Chang and the Surrounding Sidewalks of University of Taipei – Tian-Mu Campus Will Be Designated as 100% Smoke-Free Zones Beginning April 1, 2019

To protect people’s right to not be exposed to secondhand smoke, Taipei City Government has been designating outdoor smoke-free zones in many areas. In accordance with Article 16, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 4 of the Department of Health’s Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, the Taipei City Government is adding an announcement for the designation of Tai Yuan Guang Chang and the surrounding sidewalks of University of Taipei – Tian-Mu Campus to be 100% smoke-free zones beginning April 1, 2019. Any person in violation of this provision and found smoking in the zones will be punished by a fine of no less than NTD2,000 but no more than NTD10,000, in accordance with Article 31, Paragraph 1 of the same Act.