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Dengue fever is now in the epidemic stage – improve environment sanitation, employ mosquito preventing measures when travelling abroad, and actively provide travel history when seeking medical attention upon fever after traveling abroad

Citizens that are traveling to dengue fever epidemic regions such as Southeast Asia and Southern Asia should wear long-sleeved and light-colored clothing, and apply mosquito repellent on bare skin; tourist businesses, overseas volunteer institutions and religious groups planning  missionary activities should organize seminars before trips to emphasize the importance of mosquito preventive measures, and to self-monitor their health status for 2 weeks after returning from abroad to avoid bringing back Dengue fever. Citizens that have developed any of the following symptoms within 14 days after returning from Dengue fever epidemic regions are advised to seek medical attention immediately and directly provide their travel history to aid in early diagnosis and treatment: fever, limb fatigue, headache, pain at the back of the eyes, muscle pain, skeletal joint pain and skin rashes. Section Chief Shao Ching Chen of the Disease Control Division, Department of Health, Taipei City Government states the following: “Dengue fever is an environment and community disease. As long as there exists adequate breeding sources in the environments, the possibility of a Dengue fever epidemic is also present, even if it is only an empty cup, can, box, styrofoam box or tire that was discarded freely. Additionally, non-discarded locations, such as tree holes or items stacked outside that retain water, may become breeding sources for the Dengue fever vectors (mosquitoes). The prevention and control of Dengue fever needs the cooperation of all; if you have any questions regarding the prevention, control and reporting of Dengue fever, please call the Department of Health, Taipei City Government epidemic control hotline on 02-2375-3782, or the Hello Taipei hotline 1999, where special service personnel are standing by to assist in your inquiries. For information on dengue fever, please visit the following website.