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(1) What is a Safe Community

"Safe Community" can be: a city, county, township or a single administrative region, is committed to a variety of safety promotion, injury prevention, violence and suicide, and prevention and control personnel from harm caused by natural disasters, the program covers all ages, gender and environmental conditions and, through certification can become an international safe community networks. (ISCCC)

"security community" means a community can at consensus among communities, combined with community and beyond available all the resources together to reduce the variety of accidental or intentional damage and create a more secure environment and promote interpersonal everyone harmony, promote physical, mental and social well-being of the continuous and comprehensive efforts of the movement. Therefore, the "security community" is not a description of the community already has security features, but for creating safer communities and continued efforts to exercise. (Bai Lu, 2007)


(2) Safe Community concept


is the concept of security community began to grow in 1970, when Sweden Lidköping, Motala, Falköping three communities use the power of community successfully combines government and local resources, prevention and control of accidental injury occurred, after three years of testing, accident injuries rate decreased by 27% this achievement caused WHO attention.

1989, the Swedish Royal College to apply for the establishment of WHO World Health Organization Community Safety Promotion Association Center (WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion, referred WHO CCCSP), by the Royal Swedish Department of Community Medicine professor Leif Svanström chaired center actively expand in the global security community movement.

Since the Chairman was Prof. Wen Sloan retired two years ago, the Swedish Royal College of inconvenience again come forward to apply for the triennial update, WHO CCCSP last updated term ending September 2015. So warm Sloan Chairman of the Government of Sweden to set up a registered non-governmental organizations (NGO), entitled "International Safe Community Certification Center (International Safe Community Certifying Centre, referred to as the ISC CC)", and thus the organization to apply for WHO WHO CCCSP. Accordance with the provisions of the WHO, there must be a two-year observation period to see the effectiveness of this organization only after approval.

WHO CCCSP set seven criteria as the basis for the development and evaluation of the security community, where the community can meet these criteria by the evaluation of requirements, you can get the charter members of the international security community network to become the center; and to qualification holding members of the network, it must re-certification every five years.

all current community safety certification procedures are ongoing at ISC CC operation, as of February 2016 the global total of 372 communities through "international safe community certification" (Taiwan Association for Community Safety Promotion Center).


(3) how to promote community safety

p "security" concept can be in various forms and content of the program to promote the community in all areas and at all levels. For example: in the work environment can push some job security plan for the safety of employees working in schools on certain issues prone to injuries on campus to promote school safety plan, in residential communities can promote home safety plan , under the overall community environment, we can promote traffic safety and disaster prevention plans and other plans. plans p, must be driven by interdisciplinary organizations, in order to brainstorm, complete coverage; the same time, each security promotion programs must have clear reason, methods and effectiveness evaluation, which is based injury surveillance needs. Thus, the community consensus conferences, community injury data collection, execution and evaluation of a variety of safety promotion programs are necessary to promote the safety of the community plan.


It is worth noting that the security community is in an upward motion to emphasize the driving force, this force needs of the community can make a clearer, more government policy implementation (Taiwan Association for Community Safety Promotion Center).