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Eight Orientations for an Age-Friendly City: Barrier free, Expedite pass, Settle down, Elder-friendly, Respect elders, Ageless, Connection, Health

Pictures originated from the National Health Service,
the Ministry of Health and Department.


According to definitions of WHO, the so-called age-friendly city refers to a city boasts an urban environment featured with containment and accessibility and able to promote active ageing.


  • Barrier free: Continually improve public space to conform to standards of barrier free, such as sufficient length of the green light along roads, giving precedence to pedestrians, maintaining good public security of communities and so on.
  • Expedite pass: Offer privileges for seniority to get a lift, enjoy convenient traffic or pick-up design.
  • Settle down: There are domiciles and services for disability at different degrees in communities. They can also combine with voluntary workers to offer meal delivery and housework services.
  • Elder-friendly: Provide various services and activities available for seniority to participate in, such as convenient locations, appropriate charges and permit accompany by relatives and friends
  • Respect elders: Advocates the culture of respecting elders and promotes interactions between different generations. Furthermore, encourage the industry to develop different services and products for seniors and create business opportunities.
  • Ageless: Support elders to continue work, participate in voluntary services or bravely chase dreams.
  • Connection: Actively provide seniority with various and important information to make sure their connection with the society. When offering information, it should be presented in big font and one should speak slowly and use languages that usually used by seniority.
  • Health: Offer various social services, leisure and recreation, activities of sports health, lectures or health inspection services and so on. Encourage seniority to come out and take part in those activities.