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  • Since 2016 the project has been merged into Taipei Healthy City for joint promotion.


  • In 2015 promoted 51 indicators and 27 active plans.


  • In 2014 made an integration of 19 offices and bureaus into the promotion team and held cross-office consensus conferences and group counseling sessions to promote 51 indicators and 29 action plans.


  • Since 2013, commission professional teams to deal with the Age-Friendly City Promotion Guidance Program and set Taipei Age-Friendly City Promotion Team.
  • In November 2013 Applied to WHO for membership of Age-Friendly City Network.
  • In 2013 Designed LOGO of Taipei Age-Friendly City.


  • In 2012 All 12 districts of Taipei joined Age-Friendly City Promotion.


  • In 2011 Taipei City Wanhua District first joined in Age-Friendly City
  • In November 16, 2011, Mayor of Taipei City signed the Dublin Declaration on the first International Age-Friendly City Conference held by WHO, committing joined the global network of Age-Friendly Cities