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Strategic Map for Taipei Healthy City


Strategic Map for Taipei Healthy City in 2019


Safety and Security

Sustainable Ecology

Friendly Culture

Vitality and Health

Prosperity and Convenience

Strategic theme

Strengthening safe environment

Establish sustainable environment

Develop friendly culture

Improving health and vitality

Ensuring urban development

Strategic Objective (Customer)

GC1 Promoting citizens’ health
GC2 Building a safe environment

AC1 Upgrading environmental quality
AC2 Building a low carbon city

CC1 Encouraging participation in diverse art and cultural activities
CC2 Becoming must-visit cities in Asia
EC1 Strengthening care of the disadvantaged
FC3 Increasing number of quality engaging in lifelong learning

FC4 Increasing population doing regular exercise
GC1 Promoting citizens’ health
GC2 Building a safe environment

BC4 Increasing use of green transport
DC1 Promoting full employment
EC1 Protecting citizens’ housing rights
EC1 Strengthening vulnerable care

Strategic Objective (Internal Process)

DP5 Building a workplace safety system
GP6 Strengthening social and transport safety mechanism
GP2 Preventing drug hazards
EP6 Strengthening domestic violence and sexual assault prevention

AP2 Building green infrastructure
AP5 Building a sponge city
BP4 Optimizing green transportation
BP6 Building safe and comfortable infrastructure

EP1 Building friendly and healthy city
FP4 Improving the culturally diverse and international learning environment
FP7 Promoting lifelong education

EP2 Promoting a happy aging environment
FP5 Promoting sport for all
GP1 Advancing disease prevention and control
GP5 Complete long-term and hospice care

BP2 Building a high quality environment
BP3 Creating a new aspect for Taipei
EP4 Providing suitable quantity of public housing
EP5 Complete barrier-free transport environment