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     happiness Taipei, age-friendly

In response to the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote the arrival of the age-friendly urban policy and aging of the era, Taipei and the world's advanced countries are implementing this meaningful project, a 100-year November 16, signed by the mayor of Taipei World Health organization (WHO) first international Conference on age-friendly cities "Dublin Declaration" commitment to participate in age-friendly cities in the world network.

Taipei 100 years to 104 years in an application to the Department of Health and the National Health Department to handle "age-friendly cities to promote the plan." 100 was first joined by Taipei's Wanhua District to promote age-friendly city ranks 101 in Taipei more expanded and 12 districts.

102 onwards commissioned from professional bodies to handle age-friendly cities to promote mentoring program, established in Taipei to promote age-friendly city group, and apply World Health Organization (WHO) age-friendly cities network members. 104 Conformity 19 innings at promoting the establishment of groups and inter-bureau consensus at the meeting and group counseling session to promote the 51 indicators and 27 action plans, the establishment of inter-office communication platform laterally to facilitate cooperation mode, push to strengthen elderly Objective-friendly city, construction of "happiness Taipei, age-friendly" silver-haired park. "Age-friendly city" since the year 105 incorporated cities in Taipei jointly promote health, to take care of the implementation of the purpose of the silver-haired.

The mayor signed the declaration of the Dublin Declaration