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1. Introduction
To offer citizens comprehensive information and resources regarding tobacco hazard prevention, Taipei City government has designed and built the “Smoke-free Health” website.

2. Service Content
The website contains several informative sections, including “Tobacco Hazard Prevention Laws and Regulations” “database of health educational materials,” “where to go for tobacco cessation ,” “smoke-free related activities, ” “recommended smoke-free places , ” “recommended smoke-free web resources,” “breaking news”, etc.
A. Tobacco Hazard Prevention Laws and Regulations: Provide information on Tobacco Hazard Prevention Act, Regulations for the Administration of the Display and the Labeling of Tobacco Products at Tobacco-Selling Premises, Regulations for Establishment of Indoor Smoking Rooms, Regulations for Implementation of Tobacco Cessation Education, etc.
B. Database of Health Educational Materials: Provide posters, leaflets, promotional clips, and multi-media related to tobacco hazard prevention, as well as non-smoking labels available for downloading.
C. Where to Go for Tobacco Cessation : Provide general public ways to quit-smoking, such as smoke quitting classes, smoke quitting clinics, community smoke quitting consulting station, Quitline, etc.
D. Smoke-free Related Activities: Provide information on relative topic activities of tobacco hazard prevention, for instance, presentation on tobacco hazard prevention for female, etc.
E. Recommended Smoke-free Places: Provide a way to inquire the current smoke-free parks as well as information on other smoke-free environments.
F. Recommended Smoke-free Web Resources: Links to other governmental entities and organizations in private sectors that relate to tobacco hazard prevention.
G. Breaking News: Provide press releases, announcement, and other breaking news.

Smoke-free and Health Website Homepage.
Smoke-free and Health Website Homepage.