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Department of Health


NO.TitlePublish Date
61Health Care Information for New Immigrants2015-04-16
62As of March 1, 2015, smoking is banned on sidewalks around Taipei Minsheng Center Building.2015-03-18
63Taipei Card-Health service. Registration renewal and get 30 bonus points.2015-03-18
64As H7N9 outbreak persist and this year’s first H5N6-associated death occurs in China, travelers visiting China urged to heighten vigilance for bird flu2015-02-26
65Medical Services Open During Chinese New Year2015-02-26
66As of January 1, 2015, smoking in the outdoor areas in front of the administration building of Department of Sports, Taipei City Government, Taipei Gymnasium and Taipei Tennis Court is prohibited.2015-01-21
67“Thousands of people hand in hand. Let love shine” Brisk Walking Activity for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control2014-12-18
68Smoking is prohibited in part of Ningxia Rd. Night Market in Taipei2014-11-17
69Taipei City Government promotes 128 smoke-free bus stop platforms on 12 new exclusive bus lanes.2014-11-17
70Taipei City Government promotes smoke-free environment around 3 sidewalks beginning on November 1, 20142014-11-17
71In Response to World Rabies Day on September 28, the Centers for Disease Control Call on the People to Prevent the Epidemic Together and Emphasize the Dangers of Rabies2014-10-21
72Starting from October 1, 2014, smoking is totally prohibited on the sidewalks and adjacent motorcycle parking around Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care and Management.2014-10-21
73Taiwan CDC launched an English web interface for “Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System”2014-09-22
74Reward point of Taipei Card – the Second Generation Wellness Card to be Transferred to EasyCard Value Will Be Ended on September 30, 2014.2014-09-22
75Beginning on July 1st 2014, smoking is prohibited in the outdoor areas of twelve Taipei Sports Centers.2014-07-17
76Reward Points of “Taipei Card” the Second Generation Wellness Card to be Transferred into EasyCard Value on July 1st, 20142014-07-17
77Sidewalks around Minsheng elementary School, Songshan District, Taipei City are set as no-smoking areas from May 31st, 2014.2014-06-24
78Public urged to pay attention to dietary hygiene as Taiwan CDC announces this year’s first cholera case2014-06-24
79U.Life Village Taipei Opens on May 8 2014. Free Admission!2014-05-19
80Taiwan CDC announces this year’s first case of enterovirus infection with severe complications and urges public to wash hands frequently and caregivers of children to pay attention to prodromal symptoms of severe enterovirus infection in children2014-05-19